Chiang Mai is a virtual labyrinth of spectacular shops. From cheap goods, beautiful handmade products and art, to fake brand names. The bustling Night Bazaar is the best place to go for souvenirs; Hang Dong the destination for design and craft products; Nimmanhaemin's boutiques offer stylish home d├ęcor and fashion and the shopping malls are full of knickknacks and other goodies. Basically there is something for everyone here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Night Bazaar

Night BazaarHow can you go wrong with the Night Bazaar? Over the past two decades trends have been set (and copied) by innovative and smart Night Bazaar shop owners. The products and trends available at the Night Bazaar change constantly so it's still an exciting place for locals to occasionally shop, as well as for tourists looking for souvenirs. Open daily between sunset and midnight, the Night Bazaar is the place to go for souvenirs, handicrafts, fake goods, textiles, and other knickknacks.
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