Chiang Mai is a virtual labyrinth of spectacular shops. From cheap goods, beautiful handmade products and art, to fake brand names. The bustling Night Bazaar is the best place to go for souvenirs; Hang Dong the destination for design and craft products; Nimmanhaemin's boutiques offer stylish home décor and fashion and the shopping malls are full of knickknacks and other goodies. Basically there is something for everyone here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shopping Malls

Kad Suan Kaew

Central Airport Plaza

Central Airport Plaza and Kad Suan Kaew are both massive shopping malls, a cool and different venue for summer or monsoon season shopping. Lots of teen knickknacks as well as brand name outlets.
Chiang Mai Shop & Shopping

Monday, June 9, 2008

JJ market

JJ market was established with determination to create a perfect gathering place of Chiang Mai's finest arts, craft products, clothing, accessories for garden or house, luxurious and unique home décor and souvenirs, sadly it hasn't quite managed to gather the crowds as expected. However, if you are looking for quality arts and crafts, it is well worth a visit. Located on Atsadathorn Road, considered as the most modern public utility road with all of the power lines embedded underground, this 15- rai Kad or Open Market is only 200 metres from the Super Highway.
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